WiFi for ports

Whether travelling for work or for pleasure, passengers who arrive at a port or terminal often have time on their hands waiting to board. They are looking for ways to pass the time and be entertained, so it makes sense to offer guest WiFi.

Inform and entertain

Whether you operate a commuter ferry service or a major cruise ship terminal, it is expected that a port should be able to offer WiFi to its customers. Companies can give passengers access to live updates, provide tourist information, deliver reminders on season ticket discounts, or just highlight relevant information that will help them in their onward journey.

Enrich the experience

Ports and ferry terminals know their passengers want to feel like their holiday has already started from the moment they arrive. Technofi allows ports to cater for this by sending personalized offers on drinks, meals and for duty-free shopping. This improves the travel experience for passengers, encourages engagement and enables monetization through increased spend. Also with Technofi you can advertise on your wifi login page. To Know more click here

Ports benefits

How Technofi can enhance the port experience.

Stay Connected

Being on the move doesn’t mean passengers have to go off the grid; free WiFi makes staying in touch with work, friends and family easy.

Enhance experience

Free WiFi is essential to entertain many passengers who know that they have time to kill whilst they are waiting for their departure.

Real-time Updates

Update passengers with information about departures, facilities and hyper-relevant offers straight to their phones.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.