Turn Insight Into Action

Whether your business is a busy shopping mall or a department store in multiple locations, understanding how your consumers move around your store, how frequently they visit and what their spending behavior looks like is invaluable information. This kind of analytical data enables retailers to paint an accurate picture of footfall and create an effective end to end engagement experience.

Understand behaviour

As more than half of consumers use a mobile device, Technofi provides an innovative way for them to interact with brands, even when they’re inside the building. A comprehensive analysis of mobile usage via our analytics software will provide you the means to determine the prime retail locations within your mall or shopping centre and this can in turn help drive traffic to new retail units or other areas where a footfall increase will be viewed as a major benefit. We can also provide customers with an API so you can link up our ‘in store’ customer WiFi data with your systems, enabling a real single customer view.

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Benefits for shopping centres and malls

How Technofi can enhance the shopping experience.

Match data

Use our API to match analytics with existing customer data, enabling you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Social experience

Free WiFi encourages shoppers to share their experience on social media and boosts engagement on your networks.

Real-time Updates

Update shoppers with information about events, facilities and offers to their phone as they move around the venue.

Revenue Generation

Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging.