New ways of Marketing is always preferable

Brand Advertisers to Mobile-Ready, WiFi-using consumers.
With receptive consumers through one-to-one interactions
Campaigns in unique and targeted environments such as transport hubs, retail and leisure centres, hotels.

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Optimistic add on to your customer’s loyalty towards your brand.

A Hi-Tech pro-youth quotient to your brand identity

Chances of Positive Media coverage

Increase awareness of the brand and its characteristics

Encourage non-users to sample the product/service

Achieve an effective reach of 70% of your target audience

Direct Customer Interaction

Benefits of WiFi Advertisement

Put advertisement on login pages where advertiser gets complete attention of their target audience in a better way and positive branding.

In addition, provide the complete data of response of users’ towards their ad to improve their advertisement.

Marketing team gives personal attention to advertiser to increase the sales and to optimize ad campaign to our premium advertisers.

A Hi-Tech pro-youth quotient to your brand identity.


Admin Panel will give the instant information of clicks and views which results less lead time in contacting to viewer and benefits into converting viewer into customer rapidly.

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