WiFi Security

Sharing Wi-Fi password puts your network security at risk by opening up for terrorist and anti-social elements. Technofit make sure that your login process is safe and secure

WiFi Marketing

Technofi will help you in marketing your place/cafe or restaurant among people searching for free Wi-Fi hotspot. Drive more customers from your existing internet infrastructure.

WiFi Time Limit

Now do not let your customers use your internet session throughout the day. You can control user login session from 1 minute to 24 hours. Technofi will disconnect a user automatically after session time is over.

WiFi Compliance

Government has made it mandatory for public internet hotspot provider to authenticate user through their mobile phones. Technofi restricts user to login on wifi using verified mobile phone numbers only.

Customer Data

Using Technofi you can know your customers better. Capture who comes everyday, or once a week or multiple times daily. We will provide complete customer report. Which you can use to increase their visits by providing offers.

WiFi Bandwidth Limit

Don’t let a single customer occupy all the available bandwidth on wifi while choking network and make others waiting for bandwidth. Technofi allows you to improve customer experience by distributing hotspot bandwidth equally.

A Complete WiFi Experience
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