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Wifi Time Limit

It is always good to have control over time and over internet usages on wifi, with Technofi you can rule user login session from 1 minute to 24 hours on wifi, you can either disconnect a user automatically, once their session is over.


Wifi Speed Limit

On wifi the utmost demand of this generation is Faster Internet Access, with Technofi you can provide equivalent bandwidth to all your customers.


Wifi Data Limit

On wifi every individual has this privilege to acquire the available data as much as they can, Technofi entitle you to improve customer experience by sharing hotspot data equally and efficiently.

Wifi Security

As everything is all about security on wifi, Technofi make your login procedure safe and secure with the hostility of outside


Wifi Marketing

Technofi will help you in flacking your locale, let every individual feel enjoyable with your existing wifi infrastructure, cause updated technology always entice your customers.


Wifi Advertising

With the precise advertisement on wifi, Technofi assure you that the content will reach to the targeted audience in the most efficient way followed by positive branding on your wifi.

Why Technofi?

Why Technofi

Government has made it mandatory for public internet hotspot provider to authenticate user through their mobile phones. Technofi restricts user to login using verified mobile phone numbers only.

Using Technofi you can know your customers better. Capture who comes everyday, or once a week or multiple times daily. We will provide complete customer report. Which you can use to increase their visits by providing offers.

Customers need to see some full screen advertising, before they can access the internet & Track (MAC address, email id, name of user)

Technofi use Innovative & secure trusted technology (AAA Technology) to provide WiFi. Technofi have flexible system to manage all possible modifications

Keep your WiFi effectively
with Technofi

Now do not let your customers use your WiFi internet session throughout the day. You can control user login session from 1 minute to 24 hours. Technofi will disconnect a user automatically after session time is over..

Get the monthly income through WiFi
with Technofi

Put advertisement on login pages of wifi where advertiser gets complete attention of their target audience in a better way and positive branding.

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